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zerg rush. its a trap!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
zerg rush. its a trap!

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Well, I said I would do it.

The Cardinals won their Monday Night Football match-up this evening. I mentioned early in the game that if they pulled through and made it happen that I would update my livejournal. Here is the response I made on the ESPN.com NFC West blog Rapid Response-

This game played out exactly like i said it would- too close for comfort. Yes, the Niners played a great game, they always play tough against the cards. If you remember, the last home game the Cards lost was in 2007- against the Niners, who put up a tough fight week 1 this season. This says a lot for both teams: the Niners game off of a bye week as a brand new team. Basically new head coach, new starting QB, new structure all around. The Cards came to this game knowing that they needed to win on the national stage. And, while having their issues, stepped their game up against a team that historically has given them a lot of problems. Both teams had a lot to say this week. But I think the Cardinals had the most to say, with the loudest voice, and prevented what would have been a major upset. This win basically solidifies their position as a team that can compete at a level that they are unfamiliar with- a national level. A playoff worthy level.

That is Basically about how I'm feeling about the Cards at this point. A lot of people will look at this game and ask "What is the big deal? What's with the celebration?" but I think this says a lot about a team that has struggled in the last couple of... decades. At this point, it seems that the Cards are ready to step up to the league and make their presence known. While the game was close, it was also was a statement game. This put a 4 game buffer between the Cards and the nearest team in the NFC West. And while being a humbling experience, it showed where they have their shortcomings and what they need to do to prepare for their big games- namely the New York Giants at home and the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly. If Arizona can maintain for the next 6 weeks, the possibility of a top two seed and first round bye with a home playoff game definitely exists. Here's to hoping.

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hey [09/27/08/13-20]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i remember you...

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3 owwies | insert knife here

it snowed today. havent seen that since the army.
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i was looking through some of my old entries, and some of my old comments to people.

i used to be funny and witty. wtf happened.
6 owwies | insert knife here

its been a long, arduous journey.

full of unsettling turns and unnerving moments
which truly test patience and dedication.

but finally, it is over.

i have finished... KRANG!!
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with that kind of title you would think this is gonna be funny, but this video will just make you pumped. if this video doesnt put a smile on your face you are cold. stone cold.
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forget that last post. they found the camry.

someone apparently took it, ditched it at some apartments, and took another car.

fucker got my jacket and my keys tho, which really pisses me off. oh well.
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RIP the camry.


good ass memories in that beast. seemed to always be pissed off at it, but now that its gone im bummed. oh well.
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sean you obviously missed this one

"junk: What's the most insane thing you saw Mustaine do during the Gigantour?

This story is insane but not in the way you would expect. One day we were all in the catering area of this club, fuck what was it, the one in Milwaukee, Eagles Ballroom? I think that's it. Well in the catering room there were all these collages on the walls with pictures of musicians on them. Right in the center of one there was a big picture of glory days James Hetfield. Like 1987 Hetfield with the white ESP explorer, roaring like a lion. Mustaine walks in and starts looking at all the collages, gets to that one, and just stares at the Hetfield picture for like 3 minutes. We're all like holy shit look look he's gonna have a fucking freak out or a break down or something. Then he walks over to an open window, leans on the windowsill, and just stares out the window for 15-20 minutes. It was pretty intense. Just the shit that must have been going through his head. He was obviously affected. It was crazy just seeing 25 years of metal history colliding in that dude's head."

god i lvoe my imagination, it made that shit infinitely better.
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Carpet Of Flesh: overrated
xidolatryx: what is
xidolatryx: at the gates?
Carpet Of Flesh: yes

8 owwies | insert knife here

tonight has been an AIM goldmine...

xidolatryx: im not black enough to sing body count songs
Carpet Of Flesh: hellllooooooooo
xidolatryx: HAHA
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(after 10 minutes of silence)

drew: dude, i just stared at myself in the mirror until i turned into my dad
drew: hang on, im going to go see what else i turn into...
drew: brb
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so DoD:S = better than you

life = shitty.

folsoms set tonight = fucking great times, most fun ive had in a long time.

good dudes, good times. cant wait til next month.
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since everyone was wondering, that last pic i put up was from the mike ross going away party at the X house.

tonight was fucking hilarious. good show, zao played pretty good even with out Blacky McGuitarNigs and dillinger played ok, though they are better in a small crammed room ala the muse. they DID have fire, and one of the guitar guys got knocked the fuck out by some flying box towards the end of their set which was pretty funny. unearth was completely amusing since they were more like Motley Crue, playing out of 6 full stacks with lights flashing and ugly girls showing their tits. they did play the 3 songs i wanted to hear so thats cool i guess.

now for the good stuff. FIGHTS OF COURSE! the only two worth mentioning were in the beginning when jordan got tossed out and it took like 4 grown men to get him to and through the door. good job jordan. then in the very end right before the last song some security guys started gripping up on eric from phx since he was trying to stop a random tucson kid from getting beat up, which escalated into people being dragged, which turned into guys getting knocked out and me and jsin basically laying on a guy to save him from getting his head stomped in by security guards. eventually EVERYONE got tossed, 9 cop cars showed up, the police bird was flying around, and everywhere else you looked people we didnt know were fighting all through the building.

it was prtty awesome.

oh THEN we went to del where MORE drama happened between all sorts of little boys and girls, yelling at each other and whatnot. it was beautiful.

i miss this shit.
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theres about a million things that can be said about this picture but ill leave that up to you...

old times
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i know i dont usually do this, but fucking go to this or die

insert knife here

well, the picture placed me between hilary clinton and mahatma ghandi. oh man, the jokes that can come from that statement...

You are a

Social Liberal
(81% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(26% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Strong Democrat

Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
insert knife here

anyone else going to video games live in phx on november 3rd? i got my tickets yesterday and am pretty much excited.

and if you dont know...


...now you know, nigga.
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1.) go to www.google.com
2.) type in "failure" without the quotes
3.) press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one)
4). Laugh
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never forget.
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wow. the new cryptopsy song SUCKS.
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i wish i was playing for real money right now. im up to 1500 chips from 250 on partypoker.
insert knife here

he'll eat your womb with a spoon

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"i want to see again in the eyes of youth, thwe gleam of the beast of prey"
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